Mobile computer repairs or a shopfront?

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Choosing between drop-offs and onsite computer repair services

We understand how important your PC is to you and for this, we have highly trained technicians who are certified to repair computers and fix a myriad of problems that you may encounter. Our services are offered into two broad options; onsite repairs and drop-offs. Knowing the differences between these two options will help you identify which is the ideal choice for optimal benefit. We sourced our information from a computer repairs Brisbane based company.

On Site

This is an option for quick fixes ranging from minutes to a few hours. At times, this is more convenient and expedient compared to drop-offs. It is ideal for operations that are not complicated and that do not require advanced repair procedure.

On site repairs are typical for most software related problems. Here our technicians come to your home or office and will fix your system, install new software and apply system upgrades among other things. The entire operation will not take more than a day. If you think that the services you need are not complicated, you can always call in and have a technician come over and fix your troubles.

On site repairs are fast and get your systems up and running in perfect condition promptly. These repairs cause minimum interruption and inconveniences when you have to use your PC for work or otherwise.

Drop- OFF

Sometimes the problem may be beyond a quick fix and may require special operations that prompt you to bring it to our shop for further repair. In our shop, we have everything we need to bring your computer back to perfect working condition. Some of the tools can’t be moved around and, therefore, can’t be used for onsite repairs.

Some folks are usually unsettled by having to give their computers to strangers given that this could expose whatever is on the hard drive. We are strictly professional in our operations. Our dealings with clients are highly confidential, and we do not tamper with info that does not concern us. Your data and privacy are held with extreme esteem and so is your computer. Before any work begins, you will be provided with a free diagnostic report to tell you the extent of our operations.

Drop off has various advantages over onsite repairs. Having a computer tested, diagnosed and fixed in a lab offers a more comprehensive solution to computer problems. It is also ideal for procedures involving:

  • Data recovery– the technician, working from his lab has all the tools to check drives and determine the best data recovery options. Our data recovery lab is well-equipped with the latest technology some of which may not be available for onsite repairs.
  • Virus removal- malware is a rapidly evolving menace that knows how to hide within your computer. Some aggressive infections can only be neutralized in the lab by a skilled technician. For such an option, a drop-off repair solution is prescribed.
  • Hardware repairs- advanced problems with physical damage or tears to the hardware call for advanced repairs that can only be offered in a technician’s shop.

The decision to have a drop-off or onsite repair done is determined primarily by the nature and extent of repairs needed. A qualified and trustworthy technician will advise you on the ideal option.