What are your options for data recovery?

Data Recovery Options For a Failing Hard Drive

Much like trying to recover a stolen vehicle, trying to retrieve data from a dead hard drive is almost like an attempt to get back something that is seemingly lost forever. Nevertheless technologist and computer experts like us believe that nothing is lost, and you yet may get most if not your entire data. The best alternative is to get in touch with an expert if you are trying to recover data from a hard drive that is failing.

Recovering Data Using Software

It is of great importance that you stop using the drive from which you wish to recover data from. The longer this drive remains connected, the lesser the chances of recovery. This is because the operating system continually writes and reads from the drive and may overwrite  the failing parts that contain the data you wish to recover thereby all chances of recovery will be lost. So here’s what you do:

  • Shutdown the system that has the failing drive
  • Next you need to clone the drive. Several ways exist with which this can be accomplished. There are several programs including Recuva – which is free and Zero Assumption Recovery – which is a paid version.

Hard drive in need of recovery

Recovering Data through Hardware Repairs

A failing hard drive may fail completely, and your machine may even stop recognizing it. This does not necessarily imply that all is lost. Based on the symptoms you may attempt to repair the hard drive so that you recover the data.  These are however rather complex procedures that are best handled by a specialist.

  • A Drive That Does Not Spin At All

To correct this error, you will require investing time and effort in restructuring and resurrecting the drive. If the drive does not respond on power up, then the problem is most probably a PCB problem. The PCB is the green circuit board attached to the bottom of the drive. It is the primary drive controller. For older drives, you simply swap the PCB with a new matching equivalent. For new drives however it is much more complex than that and requires the intervention of a computer specialist.

  • When The Disk Produces The Click Of Death

In this serious situation, the hard drive is failing because the heads are dead. It could also be associated with platter damage. When you hard drive is clicking, you had better leave it unpowered. Using a disk in this state degrades it further and may even render its data unrecoverable. Repairing such a disk is a job for the experts. It requires opening up of the hard drive in a clean lab environment and replacement of the head assembly so as to try to recover your data.

laptop internal hard drive

  • Drive Hangs When You Try To Access It

This is indicative of degraded magnetic media which implies that there too many bad sectors in your drive. Professional data recovery is needed to correct this problem, but you can try to work it out using a software imager that works around the bad sectors.

  • A Hard Drive That Beeps On Being Power Up

The beeping comes from a motor that tries to spin up the drive but fails. It commonly results from one or both of these two grave mechanical errors; stiction and seizure of the motor spindle. Pro intervention is needed to correct these problems.

It is important to understand that all attempts of data recovery from a failing or dead hard drive are risky and should best be handled by experts. We have the best services to recover data, and you are always welcome to speak to us about your problem.